Why SSL is Important for All Kinds of Site?

As we all know, SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. I am going to discuss why SSL certificate is important for websites in this blog. Here we go!

SSL is used for data protection. You ask me, how? – The SSL certificate is mainly used to shield the communication between a server and a client. In the digital world, user’s sensitive information like user ids, passwords or even banking information are dealt with. In such cases, we must make sure if the internet communication between a user and corresponding browser is secure. Well, SSL encrypts the data and therefore, the data is protected from cyber criminals.

SSL provides website authentication. As there are numerous fake websites surfacing on the Internet, it is essential to have your website verified for security reasons. By doing so, builds trust among clients, partners and third-parties. Best way to make your website (business) trustworthy and reliable to visitors and users. Speaking of being reliable, websites using HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) are being ranked highly for SEO purposes. Google has made sure the websites that are not secure wouldn’t be ranked in search results and certainly wouldn’t help the business owners to find potential leads online.

If your website is an eCommerce one or any service involving online transactions and payment, then it is mandatory to be a PCI-DSS compliant. Having SSL certificate would certainly help with PCI-DSS standards. This in turn increases customer trust as their money wouldn’t be susceptible to online theft.

Google has made SSL certificate a mandatory requirement for all sorts of websites. Also, websites without SSL certificates are flagged notsecure by Google for users to be cautious.

Validation Levels and Secure Domain SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are issued by Certified Authorities (CA). There are certain validation levels that are to be considered by CA. The cost for each SSL differs as per the validation levels.

Validation Levels

1. Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) – The Certified Authority verifies the website ownership, company information, geographical location of your company, and legit company registration document. CA also makes sure the company is aware of SSL and then processes to approval stage. This involves very thorough background checks and is expensive. Approval duration take up to couple of weeks. Once SSL certificate request is approved, the company name would be indicated in green on the address bar with a validity of 2yrs as it is an EV SSL. This kind is mostly used by banks and large eCommerce organizations.

2. Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL) – In this, the CA validates the application hosted by the company. Domain ownership is verified along with company name and its exact location. The process takes up to 4-5days.

3.Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL) – In this level, the CA verifies if the company owns the particular domain. Validation is done by email verification. CA approves the DV SSL upon receiving the confirmation email from the company. It takes less than 24hours to approve. Upon approval, the website has the HTTPS along with domain name displayed. This is used by SMBs.

Secure Domain SSL

1.Wildcard SSL Certificate – This SSL certificate covers all the subdomains for the domain chosen by a company. It is available for the 3 validation levels.

2.Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC) – This SSL certificate covers for 100 unique domains. It is easily manageable either to add or remove domains to MDC SSL. It is available for all the 3 validation levels and is effectively cheaper.

3.Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) – Unified Communications or Single Domain Certificate is used only for one domain and the paths originating from them. It is very commonly used by SMBs and start-ups. This secure domain SSL is available for all the 3 Validation level certificates.

Benefits – SSL Certificate

  • Secure HTTP increases Google Search Rankings
  • Secure online transactions
  • Secure browsing
  • Data protection and transmission
  • Protects your brand reputation
  • Protects from Phishing attacks
  • Builds trust among customers, partners and visitors
  • Helps to maintain Compliance regulations (PCI-DSS)
  • Increases ROI
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Website authentication

SSL certificate implies that your website is a legitimate one. Having a SSL certificate for your website certainly puts you on the spot to gain customers and improves your revenue generation.

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