Free Hosting: Why You Should Stay Away from It?

Free Hosting: Why You Should Stay Away from It?

It’s tempting to think of making the website free. The internet is full of companies providing free hosting of websites including for self-hosting WordPress. Don’t you doubtlessly wonder what the catch is? Why doesn’t everybody use a free WordPress website? Within this post, we will share the reasons why it is a bad idea to have a free website and something you should AVOID at all costs.

Why do people look for Free Hosting?

Many beginners who want to start their own websites want to keep an understandable low cost. So, you usually search the word free hosting and find that many companies provide free website hosting services which are free of charge. It is enticing to think of getting free web hosting and creating your website without being charged for anything.

Before the fact check is completed. When you sign up for these so-called “free website services,” you begin to discover the drawbacks gradually and many of them turn out not to be free at all.

If you are talking of getting a free website, or your mate, then stop now.

And read certain reasons why free websites are a bad idea, almost always.

Slow as dead

The majority of free website hosting companies have placed hundreds of websites in the same server. This allows the loading of all their websites at very low speeds. Slow websites build bad user experience and are harmful to Search engine optimization.

Irritating Ads in Your Site

Advertisements support most of those free website services. You create content and construct your website, but they’re paid for the ads. Such advertisements are also irritating, disruptive and even hideous.

The worst thing is, often your clever rivals will then pay for their ads on your website to these free website hosting companies. Speak about sabotaging the affair.

Trap in the Name of Trial

Some of these free hosting services are also small trials. You are then told to pay for it for a while. This price is typically much higher in most cases than standard WordPress hosting services. When you’ve added a credit card during signup, they will charge you without warning.

Vulnerable to Hacking Attempts

Free websites are also more vulnerable to attempts to hack, due to poor security. If your site is hacked, having it recovered would be even more difficult as these companies give you very restricted access to your own files and data.

Free website services are popular for malware delivery. This might be because of their weak protection, or they might be doing it for monetary gain. In either case, it hurts the reputation of your website and the SEO.

Unscalable Condition

Those companies give their customers very restricted resources and facilities, unlike a real web hosting service. The website you are building will look much more unprofessional using these tools.

Many of these free services do not allow WordPress to be enabled on your free website. WordPress requires a little more support than can be provided by a free website service.

Bandwidth is the quantity of data that is transmitted from server to user. It costs money and most free sites come with very low quotas for bandwidth.

Free website companies host hundreds of websites on the same server and hard disc sharing websites. Normally, they give you very minimal data storage. They also ask you to pay for more room when you hit the limit.

Stone Age Designs

Any of these free website businesses only offer a limited number of pages on your website. You will need to move to a paid plan if you wish to add more pages.

Unlike a self-hosted WordPress platform where you can choose from thousands of WordPress themes, only a handful of badly crafted models are available on free websites. You can’t use your own designs or use any other web design.

Many free website companies offer really old website designs that don’t work on mobile phones. Mobile users make up a big part of internet traffic. You’ll miss all of those users by not getting a responsive interface.

Best Alternatives for Free Hosting

A responsible business owner should not take risk of a free web hosting service. Paid hosting is the most effective way to go. Still, what about a paid web host’s at high cost? If you’re on a budget that’s really tight, then you might want to check out a cheap, shared web hosting account.

It is also an absolutely appropriate and secure approach for small businesses needing web hosting. CloudHostServices is one of the best and most accessible shared web hosting services, we provide shared website hosting service and are one of the official GoDaddy Resellers. We provide an extra 30 percent discount to all our customers.

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