12 Benefits of Using SMS for Business


Let’s dive into our 12 reasons as to why you should start using SMS text messaging for your company. Then we’ll continue to tell you how you can easily integrate this platform together with your other existing communication platforms to create an omnichannel customer service approach.

1. Immediate delivery

SMS is pretty fast as far as delivery goes, and it’s also efficient, taking only seconds to reach a vast audience. It’s rare to get a personalised message to an audience with that kind of speed.

2. Immediate results

Along with other analytical data, such as those who have opened it, read it, and of course, the important one, which is those who have responded, you will be able to see those who have received it instantly.

3. Personal

Because it is sent to every individual customer directly, SMS is a very personal message. Mobile phones are very personal devices, so with more personal immediacy, people will often respond. By delivering it as a personal message to each person, you can enhance this even further. This will certainly attract their attention.

Potential clients are much more likely to give you an email address than their mobile or phone number, so you also need to keep an email list. But this shows how personal most individuals take their telephone number to be. Once you have a phone number, because they invited you in, it is likely that clients will be more responsive to your messaging.

4. Cost-effective

Text messages, particularly if you buy them in bulk, are cheap. No other marketing method, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio or print media, provides such affordable results.

5. Simple and easy

SMS has become a globally adopted communication channel because of its simplicity and reach. Everyone knows how a message can be opened, read and texted. In addition, thanks to the length limitation (160 characters), the messages are small, straightforward, concise and is straight to the point. And who doesn’t like sweet and simple things?

6. Global marketing

Text messages are intended to reach anyone with a reasonably modern mobile device and a signal from a cell phone. So, you can reach millions of people, anytime, anywhere, in an instant.

Up to 7 billion mobile phones are estimated to be in daily use today, so SMS is one of the few technologies that are universally synchronised between all global mobile phone operators. With text messaging, you can reach the world.

7. Direct delivery

Besides meeting face-to-face and a direct phone call, SMS is among the most direct ways of communicating with customers. Since the other two can be complex, time-consuming and costly, it’s obvious who is the winner!

8. Precise

Once you have your audience segmented, with a variety of marketing messages, you can accurately target groups of clients. Understanding what works and what does not imply that you can refine your strategy to maximise the potential for sales.

9. Efficient

The ability to schedule text messages means that when planning your campaign, you can save time, you don’t have to individually write each message, so you can target groups of people with scheduled texts.

This then gives more time to spend on other areas of the company, or indeed, managing the bulk of sales opportunities that will come back very soon after sending from your SMS delivery.

10. Trackable and analytics

SMS can also be easily tracked, most providers offer delivery reports that can be a great source for questioning what successes you have had with your SMS deliveries, so you can evaluate the success of your campaigns fully and accurately. Then you can take lessons learned from the next campaign.

11. Reliable

In general, mobile phones don’t come with a spam filter, let alone a spam box. SMS messages are usually safer than emails, mostly because mobile phone messages can deliver all kinds of shady attachments. Plus, delivery takes place within a period of 48 hours to enable phones to be switched off or out of signal range.

So, for the most part, you know that delivery via SMS is a reliable form of customer reach out. In the worst case, you could have your phone number blocked. But then your message and your audience can be down to that.

12. SMS vs Email

The “open rate” of SMS text messages is far higher than e-mail. Plus, you can send your emails to customers who have long assigned your name to the junk box. If your text messages are not delivered, then through the medium, there is feedback on that.

“Of course, emails have their place and are still extremely efficient in communicating with customers and increasing sales opportunities, as people say,” The money is on the list! ”. But SMS, in fact, is faster and safer overall.

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