What are the benefits of Reseller hosting’s?

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting can be described as the kind of web hosting where a web host purchases bulk plan from a hosting company. The web host then sub-divides the bulk plan into smaller plans and then resell to individual users, the smaller plans. The reseller will offer dedicated server space and bandwidth from a leased one. Alternatively, the reseller may receive permission from the shared server to sell space and bandwidth. This type of hosting is the cheapest method for hosting websites on the internet.

Reseller hosting is all about being inexpensive, versatile and secure. It shows that, if this hosting technique is implemented, then any form or category of website can easily function well. Best attribute is that it binds clients to their web hosts, and acts as a gateway for them.

Things aren’t that simple when dealing with this hosting strategy as it takes some clear and straightforward knowledge of webhosting services before you start hosting your own website.

If you face challenges because you don’t have enough time and resources to host your own website by running the servers and data centres, then you don’t want to remain in an unmanageable position. Webhosting resellers will do all of this for your part and you should be pleased with the results.

Benefits of Reseller hosting:

1. Lower cost and expenses

Its hosting packages provide endless quantities of resources while keeping the costs low. It’s similar to buying a wholesaler product, where buyers can purchase bulk orders at a lower price. In addition, you have to invest reasonably without any expensive servers such as dedicated servers etc. Also, you don’t have to recruit highly paying workers to manage server jobs because all these needs will be taken care of by the parent company.

2. No maintenance hassle

Instead of buying your own server, reselling plan is equivalent to owning your dedicated server with one big difference. Clients don’t have to think about complex server problems as the department of technical support would work to correct those bugs.

3. Complete control over resources

The reseller plans allow the usage of disc space to be controlled, thus allowing for the control and management of all website aspects. It also provides you with advantages of having more space at a low price and low maintenance. Some additional features include bandwidth limits, better disc storage control and so on. Businesses can profit from this as they can have their sites available without compromising on disc space when required.

4. Generating income

Acting like a middleman means that when new customers buy accounts from the parent host through them and they get some commission. That also allows resellers to earn money. Most people don’t even know if their host is a reseller or the original host, since the reseller company may have its own staff to handle its customer needs. Fret not, the reseller business is also ensuring better customer experience.

5. Array of features than the basic plans

Hosting companies ensure resellers have control over their services and the accounts of their customers. Having complete control of one’s service enables resellers to build their own store which has web hosting products categories. This hosting option gives reseller the access to customer information which includes contact details, method of billing, and more.

6. Access to control panel

Parent hosting companies such as Hello2Hosting have reseller access to the control panel for quick handling of all matters. For Linux, you’ll get cPanel / WHM panel and for Windows, you’ll be able to allow access to Plesk Panel. Whether to offer control panel to customers or not, it depends on the reseller.

In a nutshell, remember two key things about the parent web hosting company and service costs while choosing hosting service. It is the parent company which cares for users with technical knowledge. Therefore, it is vital that the company manages all end-user matters to protect the reseller’s credibility and profits.


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Reseller Hosting is one of the most cost-effective ways of starting a low-cost Web Hosting company. With renting a Server/VPS from the Hosting provider like cloudhostservices one can generate lucrative amount from thousands to billion annually.

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Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting

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