10 Reasons why should we use professional email address

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If you are trying to build a professional brand for your business, it is important to get first impressions. Email is one of the most popular ways of contact with prospective customers. A professional email address creates a sense of trust, especially if it comes from a website that has credibility. This will boost the potential of your business for attracting new customers.

Reasons for using professional email address –

1. Branding

If you are part of an association, wherever you are, you carry its name – literally, also. A branded email is anything but word-of-mouth marketing. You are talking to a client directly; it’s done on the web only. If this happens often, and you don’t have your own address, then they won’t know your branding easily.

2. Get a good spam filtering system

Spammers use Malware  for targeting email addresses mainly. Having your own email domain makes you vulnerable to viruses of this kind that endanger your valuable online details. You wouldn’t want your email to end up in the spam folder or the worst – the trash bin.

3. Trustworthiness

Associating your company name to your professional email address adds a buzz of interest to potential customers.

Could you just imagine receiving an email from say for example, cloud4w911@yahoo.com instead of cloud@yourbusinessname.com , and the chances are your email will stay unopened or get ignored.

Your professional email address should be easy for your client to remember. Even consumers will begin to know the name of your company that creates brand recognition and trust.

4. Backup is vital

It is important to keep a backup of your files. It protects you if your webmail provider wants to unsubscribe from you or if hackers find their way into your data.

Only imagine the agony of losing all your online connexions in the event of a computer mistake. Yet for all the problems, you can save yourself by having your contacts back up in an excellent spreadsheet. Free online storage devices such as Google Drive is an online hard drive that allows you to protect your files, and access them anywhere.

5. Securing privacy

Because of the potential dangers of malware that snoop and hack into your private data, entrusting your data online has its risks. It’s important to test your email subscription’s repelling capability for viruses and hackers, otherwise all of your sensitive files are at risk.

6. Flexibility

You can create unique email addresses that can channel emails to people in your company in different departments (e.g. admin@ or info@). This will improve your ability to respond to inquiries quickly. This is also easy to retain email address continuity, if anyone leaves or takes a break because the identity can be quickly turned into a new person and the customer never needs to learn.

7. Control

Having your own custom business email address lets you control your system and organize it. Using this method, you can easily create email addresses in your company for new employees and gives you the convenience of tracking the inactive ones.

8. Organize email by department

It is common for large companies to do this. As their potential customers can raise concerns directly to the person or department responsible. In addition, it frequently avoids the trouble of forwarding messages.

9. Team members are recognized

CEO email addresses are often the most recognizable contacts to be found on the list. Yet there isn’t always the CEO or simply the business owner to answer your messages. That is why it is important to get your team members their own contact details. Potential clients may easily be aware that a particular person is working for your company. Through their specific roles they are introduced to the team and their skills.

10. Improves communication

With a branded email address, people can quickly identify you and decide if they want to open it and connect with you within seconds. It’s much easier for people to find and contact you via email.


Be it any brand, email addresses are never to be compromised on. Emails are used for creating a great impression, making a memorable and appropriate contact details, and not for embarrassing and unprofessional purposes.

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