Domain Backorder: Chance to Retrieve Your Domain Though It’s Taken!

Domain Backorder: Chance to Retrieve Your Domain Though It’s Taken

Just found the perfect domain name for your business website.

It’s catchy, brilliant, and just what your business needs.

But this is what it takes. Your heart is sinking. You get a little sad and you have no idea what to do. You go and check out the site and see it is unused, which makes it much worse. You should make good use of the Domain!

No worries! There is a solution to this situation. Yes, even after the domain is taken you can still fight back. Though it’s not quick or cheap, the answer to your problem may be a domain backorder service.

There are thousands of domain names expiring or being deleted from the register every day, going back into the pool of registration names available. If we closely monitor the domain expiry date, then there is a chance of getting the domain name when it expires. But we can’t actively monitor the domain name all the time. And what if missed the date? That’s where comes the domain backorder service.

What is a domain backorder?

Domain Backorder is a process of purchasing the expired domain as soon as possible by actively monitoring.

Domain owners often fail to renew their owned domain names, and sometimes let them expire because they either don’t need the domain, or their company might have shut down.

In these situations, if the owner failed to renew the domain, he will have a brief grace period after which the registrar will let him renew the domain. There is usually a grace period of 30 days, after which the owner can still retain the domain at a higher rate.

After this grace time expires, the domain enters a state of “Pending Delete” which usually lasts for 5 days. Neither the original owner can extend the domain within these 5 days nor can someone else could buy it. This pending delete domain eventually expires after 5 days and is shared with the public.

Many companies seek to capture this domain as soon as the domain is made available. Because the domain can be acquired on a first-come basis, there is strong competition for the acquisition of valuable domains. The companies that seek to get these domains on behalf of their clients are called “domain backorder services”. The method of purchasing the domain is called “catching the dropped domain” as soon as it is released publicly.

For those who do want a specific domain name, back-ordering a domain is preferred, since they are completely sure that it is their domain name. Backorder a domain enables anyone to track a domain name’s status. It often involves notifying the person who put the domain backorder when an auction for that domain name is about to commence.

How does it work?

Backordering a domain involves making an offer on a domain name that you want for your website but that someone somewhere already owns. You are making a deal for that domain name in the expectation that the original owner will not renew their registration and possession of it, and that it will be up for grabs soon then you’ll have it.

A back-order company does not guarantee they can procure the domain for you. Because multiple services may attempt to register the domain, the service you are using may not be able to capture the domain for you. When the company cannot purchase the domain for you, however, then the fee will be refunded in full.

Why should I use Domain backorder?

It is really bad enough if someone else already has a domain name you want for your website, but the cycle of waiting for that name to expire and become available can be equally awful.

This can be hard, stressful and time-consuming where the domain name is not even guaranteed. But it’s not impossible to be the new owner of an expired domain name which you always wanted.

 Domain Backorder is one of the safest and simplest ways to improve your odds of successfully being the domain name’s new owner once it expires. This eliminates all of the confusion and complexity of the whole process.

Domain backorders make it much easier to monitor the status of a domain name you like because you’ll know sooner when it expires and becomes available, or when it’s renewed by its current owner, or whether it goes available for auction on the selling partner site of its current registrar. It’s no wonder domain backorders are such a popular service and standard practice for people searching for their website’s correct web domain.

How to backorder a domain?

For particular domain names, there are services that have direct links to the registries.

For these services, you basically register a domain name and they track the domain names that are backed up, and when it drops they attempt to buy the domain name for you as soon as possible. They are extremely effective in retrieving the domains and charging a fee per catch, as they have direct connections to the registries.

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